Mr. Paul van Biljon

Co-Founder at and owner at

I am passionate about helping individuals and organisations innovate and thrive in our complex world.

50-Years ago the average lifespan of a fortune 500 company was around 75-years, today it is less than 15-years. We are continually seeing industries disrupted by small teams building exponential organisations. They accomplish colossal transformation with limited resources as they leverage technology to their advantage.

We firmly believe that South Africa needs to develop more entrepreneur that are equipped to turn our greatest adversity into our biggest opportunity. Individuals that are willing to think big and bold, need to be given the framework and tools to succeed and a Global stage.

Paul van Biljon has built many digital platforms for companies that help give them leverage to accomplish their goals using small teams. At he has consulted for companies helping them to seek new solutions: "At BeDoGo we help companies and organisations identify their MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose), create value aligned action and explore new opportunities."