Mr Supi Tlowana

Council for Geosciences

Highlights: Successfully performed test work on a pyro metallurgic nickel sulfide minerals collection method for the analysis of low grade floatation plant input and waste products samples involving a single fusion step. The method improved analysis accuracy and precision resulting in better plant process control and accountability and cost reduction.

Worked for Anglo American Technical Solutions from 2006-2012 starting as a Laboratory Chemist to being a Laboratory Section Manager.

Joined Council for Geoscience in June 2012 as a Scientist and became a Laboratory Manager in September 2015. Currently Acting as an Executive for Applied Geosciences Division since July 2017.

Authored the following papers presented and International Mine Water Association Conferences

Tlowana Supi, Coetzee Henk, Makgae Mosidi (2013), Realistic simulation of acid mine drainage generation in the gold mines of the Witwatersrand, South Africa (Vol.1) –p 475-480.

Supi Tlowana, Henk Coetzee, Viswanath Vadapalli, Mosidi Makgae, Richard Kruger: A holistic approach to the closure of abandoned underground coal mines: Management of acid mine drainage generation and discharge using coal fly ash.