Ms Lawule Shumane

Lawule is a 2017 graduate of Yale University’s Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, where she focused on African economic development. While at Yale, Lawule sought to understand the history of African economies and the unique path they could take towards development and improving the lives of their citizens. In addition to this, Lawule is a proud University of Cape Town alum, having obtained her undergraduate – BSc Environmental and Geographic Sciences – and honours degree in economics at this Cape Town institution. Lawule is currently finalising her master’s dissertation, which focuses on improving the quality of basic in South Africa through understanding the role of education governance. This masters dissertation is from the University of Cape Town’s School of Economics.

Professionally, Lawule has been actively involved in South Africa’s civic society as she worked for a non-profit labour research organisation where she authored reports on the behaviour of South African multinationals in other African countries regarding their Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental practices.  Lawule’s work also led her to conduct and author a study of CEO remuneration for Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed companies in South Africa, an important study which contributes to how we can understand labour dynamics in South Africa. Lawule has also conducted a study on the impact of NGOs across the country and how their work is affected by their investment and funding decisions.

Lawule has also worked for University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Development Policy and Practice (GSDPP), assisting in the research, development and implementation of their inaugural Leading in Public Life Programme – a youth leadership programme with a focus on Anglophone and Francophone Africa. The programme’s hope is to facilitate development on the continent through equipping the next generation of African leaders. Lawule’s interests lie at the nexus of politics and economics – understanding how governments, globally, can better service their populations, thus, gradually reducing all forms of citizen deprivation. As a consequence of these interests, Lawule has published two working papers for the Effective States and Inclusive Development project and the GSDPP – a multi-country research project aimed at improving the delivery of the elementary education to youth in developing countries. This work has led Lawule to be an expert guest of SA FM’s “Talk Shop” to discuss the quality of basic education in South Africa.

Lawule is currently employed at Dalberg Global Development Consulting.