Ms Makgantse Jermina Masilo

Acting Director: Community Services

Ms Makgantse Jermina Masilo was born on 12 August 1960 in the small township of Kanana.  Ms Masilo is a single parent who is rooted in Christianity and lives by values and principles.    When parenting gets tough she always runs to God and the scripture of “Isaiah 54: 5Your Creator will be like a husband to you”, keeps her going. She is better known as “Mamkhulu” in her Directorate.  Ms Masilo is a member of Faith Mission Church and also serves as a Secretary in the Executive Committee of the Church.

Ms Masilo studied Nursing at the University of the North and later furthered her studies at Potchefstroom University where she obtained Honours Degree in Public Management and Governance.  You will be surprised to learn that her first job was at the “Chinese Shop” as a sales lady.  After pursuing her studies, her first formal job was at Tshepong Hospital in 1986.  Ms Masilo worked her way up and joined the then “Klerksdorp Municipality” in 1999 where she was appointed as Assistant Chief Health Services.  In 2002 she was promoted and was the head of Community Services Department.  Ms Masilo is currently acting as Director:  Municipal Development which comprises of the following Departments (Sports, Arts & Culture, Cleansing, Parks, Cemeteries – Airport).  When faced with everyday challenges at work she quotes “Romans 13:1 –Everyone must obey the state authorities, because no authority exists without God’s permission and the existing authorities have been put there by God”.